About Company

The Ludford’s Family started in the food business in the late 1800’s in Canada under the O-SO-GOOD Company. The primary food products were tea, butter and fruit syrups.

In 1926, LUDFORD’S was incorporated in the state of California where our principle manufacturing plant and offices are today. During the early years of business, up until World War II, the company had 278 soda pop bottling plants franchised to them packing under the Dr. Wells, Alkatime, and Hollywood brands. Fountain syrups and fruit related industrial ingredients were also sold. Due to the rationing of sugar the company went out of the franchise business selling the program to Pepsi, New York.

In the late 1940’s preparation was started to build a high speed can line. In 1952, we entered the private label packing business canning 46 ounce 10% fruit flavored drinks for supermarket chains and wholesale distribution companies.

Along with establishing our company as a private label packer, we entered the contract packing business canning for major national brands.

Where We Are Today

The company is still privately owned by the same family.  Responding to consumer needs and current economic conditions, we supply food products, technology and marketing solutions for the retail, food service, industrial and export markets.  Examples of our packaging capabilities and product types are illustrated herein.  Broad expansion into the frozen concentrated juice area, as well as a new PET line, rounds out our production.

Our approach in sales has always been to develop long range relationships rather than polluting our efforts with spot entries into the market in an unsystematic manner.  Continuity of supply to our customers, and quality control procedures including juice HACCP regulations, and 3rd party audits,  have established us as a flexible and reliable company to do business with. 

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