About Quality


How often have you wondered how a product can taste the same every time you buy it?

Since nature is not consistently perfect season after season, we at Ludford's Inc. must be extra careful to perfect and standardize natures work. Quality is not an accident at Ludford’s. We maintain a quality assurance laboratory staffed with full-time, trained professional technicians whose responsibility is to enforce our strict standards that are among the highest in the industry.

Before we can allow any product to by packed and shipped it must first be tested in our quality control laboratory. We taste a sample from every batch we produce. On this taste test we look for the same things that you do.  Is the flavor fresh and natural tasting? Does it have the right amount of sweetness or tartness?

Nature is permitted to vary her quality from orchard to orchard, and from year to year but we at Ludford's Inc. are not.  Along with the taste test our technicians perform more objective, unbiased evaluations of Brix which is the percentage of solids to liquids; acid content, because most fruits contain natural acid; and P.H. to assure a proper balance.  Every one of our products has a set of specifications and standards for each test that must be met. 

If for any reason, a product does not come to our high standards, we don't pack it. It's that simple.  We worry about our quality so you don't have to. 

Our quality-assurance responsibility doesn't end when the product leaves our plant, because our responsibility to you doesnt end with the sale.  We save and store cans from every batch to recheck and evaluate.

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